Steps Toward Inner Peace

In 1964, Peace Pilgrim gave a radio talk in Los Angeles that she called Harmonious Principles for Human Living and lovingly dedicated to "all seekers of peace." Her language was so practical, the timeless truths spoken so vibrantly, that people from all religions and walks of life were profoundly moved. That powerful talk was transcribed into what has become a spiritual classic: Steps Toward Inner Peace.

The small but powerful booklet captures Peace Pilgrim' total peace message: peace among nations, peace among groups, and peace among individuals. Most importantly, it offers a guide to inner peace, because that is where true peace begins. Peace Pilgrim believed that world peace would come when enough people attain inner peace. 

Around the world, more than two million copies of Steps have inspired  people in amazingly diverse places. For decades, the popular pamphlet was mimeographed to meet demand. Then in 1985, a Trappist monk at the New Mellaray Abbey in Ohio offered to typeset the manuscript, which is used to this day. Over the years, Steps to Inner Peace has been translated into 31 languages, often by people who read it in English and were inspired to share it in their native language. We hope that in time it will be translated into many more languages and published in every country in the world. Steps Toward Inner Peace is not copyrighted and you are welcome to reproduce and share any of the versions below.

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Steps Toward Inner Peace


  • Steps PRINT booklet – 32 pages (please contact us to order - we also have print booklets in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew in limited quantities)

  • Steps LARGE-PRINT edition – 64 pages with larger, easier-to-read text (please contact us to order)

  • – download a three-page summary with key messages (PDF)

  • – download the booklet (26 pages as PDF)


NOTE: Are you proficient in a language that the Peace Pilgrim book or Steps Toward Inner Peace has not yet been translated into? Would you be willing to make such a translation? If so, we encourage you to contact our board member who coordinates our Peace Pilgrim translations, Mayte, at

English — Steps Toward Inner Peace by Peace Pilgrim
Arabic — خطوات نحو السلام الداخلي
Bulgarian — стъпки към вътрешен мир
Chinese — 走向內心的平靜 - translated by Dr. Chiu-Nan Lai
Croatian — Koraci do unutrašnjeg mira
Czech — KROKY K VNITŘNÍMU MÍRU - translated by Klara Hewitt
Danish — Vej en til indre fred
Dutch — Stappen naar innerlijke Vrede - translated by Maria Talis
Esperanto — Paŝoj al interna paco - translated by Jens Spillner
Finnish — Askelet Sisäiseen Rauhaan 
French — Etapes vers la paix intérieure
German — Schritte Zum Inneren Frieden - translated by Heidi Sörgel
Greek — Βήματα προς την Εσωτερική Ειρήνη - translated by Theo Haris
Gujarati — આંતરિક શાંતિ તરફ પગલાં
Hebrew — צעדים לקראת שלום פנימי
Hindi — मन की शांति की ओर चरणों
Hungarian — Lépések a Belső Béke Felé -translated by Cseresznye Krisztián
Italian — Passi verso la Pace Interiore - translated by Claudia Biacchi
Japanese — Uchinaru Heiwa e no Ayumi
Kannada — ಆಂತರಿಕ ಶಾಂತಿ ಕಡೆಗೆ ಕ್ರಮಗಳು
Korean — 精神的 平和의 進一步 - translated by Harry Ha
Nepali — भित्री शान्ति तिर कदम
Norwegian — Trinn mot indre fred - translated by Christian Paaske
Portuguese — Passos Em Direcao A Paz Interior
Romanian — ETAPE SPRE PACEA INTERIOARĂ - translated by Roxana Bobulescu
Spanish — Pasos hacia la Paz Interior - translated by Claudio Zanelli
Swedish — Steg Mot Inre Fred - translated by Ami Hedberg
Tamil — உள் அமைதி நோக்கி படிகள் - translated by Dr. Prof. S. Jeyapragasam
Turkish — İç Barışı için Adımlar - translated by Sibel Gunduz
Ukrainian — кроки до внутрішнього миру
Vietnamese — Những Bước Hướng Về Sự Bình An Nội Tâm - translated by Mai Nguyen