Inspired by Peace Pilgrim 

We have received thousands of letters and comments over the years, many highlighting how Peace Pilgrim changed the sender's life. Our biannual Friends of Peace Pilgrim Newsletter regularly features "Notes From Our Friends," and we are continually moved by the number of people who, like us, are inspired by Peace Pilgrim. 

Quotes & notes from friends


“Hi, friends of Peace Pilgrim. 
I’m so grateful to find this website, seeing you so busy to keep her memory fresh. Her ‘steps’ are always in my pocket as as soon as I feel bad by some reason, I read some words and feel the peace arrive. I found her in the book store of a yoga school some years ago and consider her as my friend, sitting on my shoulder sometimes and whispering in my ear about my real needs: being peaceful and friendly, taking only what I really need, like fresh air, water, fruits and vegetables, fair clothes, inspirational meetings with people, enjoying the arts in nature and of mankind. Considering this, I’m very rich! I’m glad to hear, that her ‘little sister’ , who always was her supporter, is still among us. 
Thank you for all your work, love from Germany, Monika”

"There was just no one like her. She made a contribution to this world of ours which is absolutely unique. Her singleness of purpose, her dedication and her love, humor, warmth and high consciousness changed the lives of many of us."  
– A Dallas Minister

"I had occasion to read the Peace Pilgrim book. Words fail me to express the direct lucidness and import of the message contained therein. It could well have been a distilled summarized extract of the messages contained in the scriptures of all the religions of the world, i.e., Hindu, Chinese, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, etc., written in a style so direct and useful to the layman that it would be a way of life for everybody."  
– A friend from India 

"...It was such a moving experience for all of us to be in the presence of someone who was truly living her beliefs and faith....I have never heard anyone express in a more beautiful and challenging way what it means to be a human being. And what is possible for each of us as a human being. Her life is a living testimony to the truth of her message." 
– A College Professor

"My heartfelt gratitude for sending Peace Pilgrim books and her documentary so that I may share her spirit and good work with friends in India as well as with youth in our kindness circles at local high schools. Every time I read her words I am filled with a lightness, as her truths go straight to the heart. May your good work spread to all corners and crevices of the world."
– A friend from Mill Valley, CA

"Thank you for sending me the Peace Pilgrim book. It has changed my life.  Could you send me a few more books? I would like to give them as gifts. I am forever grateful to have been introduced to Peace."
香蕉视频app安卓– A friend in Texas

"I met her while at college in San Diego in 1973. She spoke in my Psychology 101 class. *NOTHING* I learned in that class was as important or profound as what PP talked about that day!!"
 A friend on Facebook

"I´m writing this letter from Madrid. I’m excited! Years ago I discovered Peace Pilgrim, and her message has become a lighthouse in my life since then. I can not express what I feel when I read her words and watch videos of her walking for peace, carrying a message of love to the world. Another world is possible, in which love touches the hearts of all people; a world in harmony. The ingredients: peace and love. This is the world I believe in." 
– A friend in Spain

"Respectful greetings from a monk who is inspired by Peace Pilgrim, and who humbly spreads her words amongst friends. There was perhaps no saint in the US as great as Peace Pilgrim. I keep on spreading her message and it touches every heart. My respects to you and to all others who are continuing her legacy. Thank you a million times for the copy of the book, and two copies of Steps . I am grateful to you for so kindly sending the book to me. It is a treasure, and transforms lives. My humble prayer is, May God grant all of you strength to continue this service. With prayers and salutations."  
A friend in India