Common Questions 

We appreciate the questions we receive from friends around the world about Peace Pilgrim, her wisdom and our commitment to share her legacy. We answer the most common queries below.

Questions seeking Peace Pilgrim’s wisdom on today’s challenges

Questions about Peace Pilgrim’s life and pilgrimage

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What should I do when I feel put upon?
 “Ask yourself whether or not what is required of you is unreasonable. If not, you will attain spiritual growth through serving; if so, you must learn to say ‘no’ lovingly.”

How can improving my life help when so many are out of harmony? 
香蕉视频app安卓Humanity can only improve as people improve. When you have improved your life, you can inspire those around you to want to improve their lives. Remember that a few in harmony with God’s will are more powerful than multitudes out of harmony.”

What should be our attitude toward material things? 

香蕉视频app安卓”If we could just put material things into their proper place, and use them without being attached to them, how much freer we would be. Then we wouldn’t burden ourselves with things we don’t need.” 

What should I do when my life seems empty? 
”If your life seems empty, you have a wonderful opportunity. Most lives are already at least partially filled with not so good things. If your life seems empty, you have a wonderful opportunity to fill it with only good things.” 

How can I begin to really live life? 
香蕉视频app安卓“I began to really live life when I began to look at every situation and think about how I could be of service in that situation. I learned that I shouldn’t be pushy about helping, but just willing. Often I could give a helping hand—or perhaps a loving smile or a word of cheer. I learned it is through giving that we receive the worthwhile things of life.” 

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How old are you? 
香蕉视频app安卓”Along my pilgrimage route many people would ask my age. I told them I did not know my age and I did not intend to figure it out. I know my birth date. It lingers at the fringes of my memory, but I won’t divulge it. What purpose would it serve? Many have tried also to guess my old name. The most interesting guess was that I’m Amelia Earhart. I’m very thankful that age is now out of my mind. As long as I counted birthdays and started thinking about getting older, I did get older. Age is a state of mind, and I think of myself as ageless. And that’s my advice to others. Get to be as old as you want to be and then stop creating age.” 

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