Print Book Ritual Deeply Rewarding


FoPP Board Member Richard Polese picks up the latest shipment of Peace Pilgrim books.

When we received our latest shipment of Peace Pilgrim books from the printer, we paused to reflect on the wonderful ritual this has become for Friends of Peace Pilgrim. 

After Peace Pilgrim’s sudden passing in July 1981, FoPP board member Richard Polese hosted a Memorial gathering at his home in Santa Fe, NM. About 50 people from around the country showed up and spent several days sharing stories and remembering their connections with Peace Pilgrim. Five friends of Peace stayed on afterward to compile her words into the book, Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words

One of the five compilers, Andy Zubko, donated enough money to print the first edition. The group decided to offer the book in the spirit of Peace Pilgrim – free to any who ask for it. They planned to continue printing it as long as there were enough unsolicited donations to pay for the next printing. In 1982, the first shipment was delivered to the home of John and Ann Rush, a Quaker couple in Whittier, CA, who ran the first Peace Pilgrim Center.

香蕉视频app安卓Thirty-eight years after we received that first shipment of Peace Pilgrim books, it is a rare day that we don’t receive emails, calls or letters asking for a copy. The tradition of sending out books free upon request has continued, and there has always been enough funding for the next printing, primarilly through unsolicited donations.

Since 1982, we have taken delivery of about half a million copies of Peace Pilgrim's books, as well as over 2 million copies of Peace Pilgrim’s Steps Toward Inner Peace香蕉视频app安卓 (along with many audio and video cassettes, DVDs and other offerings.)

香蕉视频app安卓Though many people come to our website to download the digital edition of the Peace Pilgrim book (not only in English but in 17 other languages), in the spirit of Peace Pilgrim we continue offering the printed edition free to any and all who  ask – which we do joyfully!